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16. Zingst-Seminar 2018

The 16th Zingst seminar of the database group took place from May 22th to May 25th, 2018.


Anomaly detection

  • Martin Grimmer: Modern Host Intrusion Detection Systems
  • [redacted]: A modern host intrusion detection dataset (master thesis)
  • [redacted]: Anomaly-based HIDS based on enhanced system graphs (bachelor thesis)

Graph analytics

  • Moritz Wilke: BIGGR - Big Graph Data Analytics Workflows
  • M. Ali Rostami: Knime integration of Gradoop: Big Graph Viewer
  • [redacted]: Business graph analytics with Gradoop in Knime (master thesis)
  • [redacted]: Cypher for Flink - Implementation and benchmarking (master thesis)
  • Christopher Rost: Temporal graphs: current challenges and approaches
  • Johannes Zschache: (Distributed) analysis of network models

Data integration

  • Eric Peukert: Workflow-based graph ETL & analytics applications
  • Matthias Kricke: The T in GrETL - on scalable graph transformation
  • [redacted]: Relational to Graph data conversion with Gradoop (bachelor thesis)
  • Alieh Saeedi: Link priority based clustering for improving knowledge graphs
  • [redacted]: Declarative information fusion for graph collections (master thesis)
  • Victor Christen: Disambiguation of medical mentions using embeddings
  • [redacted]: Tree-based learning for entity resolution with Apache Flink (bachelor thesis)

Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

  • Marcel Gladbach: PPRL in practice - the SMITH project
  • Martin Franke: Post processing methods for PPRL

Further topics

  • [redacted]: Apache Beam and the price of abstraction (bachelor thesis)

DBS group in Zingst 2018

from left: Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm, Dr. Johannes Zschache, Christopher Rost, Alexander Kern, Nico Duldhardt, Sören Reichardt, Moritz Wilke,
Dr. M. Ali Rostami, Simon Ganz, Dennis Kreußel, Alieh Saeedi, Kevin Gomez, John Nguyen, Hannes Rische, Marcel Gladbach, Martin Franke,
Dr. Eric Peukert, Martin Grimmer, Volodymyr Moroz, Victor Christen, Matthias Kricke