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Citation Analysis

The impact of scientific publications is often estimated by the number of citations they receive, i.e. how frequently they are referenced by other publications. Since publications have associated authors, originating institutions and publication venues (e.g. journals, conference proceedings) citations have also been used to compare their scientific impact. The tremendous scope of new scientific archives like Google Scholar makes it possible to freely access citation data for millions of publications and authors and thus to evaluate the citations for entire conferences and journals.

Data-Warehouse-based Analysis

We performed offline, data-warehouse-based citation analysis for selected database conferences (VLDB, SIGMOD) and journals (TODS, VLDB Journal, SIGMOD Record) in August 2005 and in 2007.

The citation/reference counts for the 10 years of 1994-2003 were determined by combining data from DBLP, ACM Digital Library, and Google Scholar (GS) as described in our iFuice paper. All reference counts are from Google Scholar and ACM. Reference counts from GS have problems, e.g. they include self-citations and pointers from web pages. We also noticed cases where GS grouped together different versions of the papers, book reviews and books, or had serveral entries of the same publications. We therefore applied some post-processing to deal with such cases. Still GS is by far the most current and comprehensive source at this time and we find the results quite interesting and helpful to uncover certain trends.

The analysis results were published in SIGMOD Record 2005. In 2007 we reran the analysis for an extended period of 12 years (1994-2005); a short summary of the new results is in a APE08 paper (slides).

In the following subpages we present selected results for the considered venues, in particular the top-5 papers per year and overall(“top” in terms of reference counts). Furthermore, we determine the 100 most referenced authors for the considered venues and present selcted results comparing the impact of conferences and journals as well as the increase in citations within two years.

Additional analysis results:

Online Analysis

We currently develop the Online Citation Service (OCS), a new system for online citation analysis of computer science research. For any set of DBLP publications, it retrieves and integrates citation data on demand from four different data sources: Google Scholar, Microsoft Libra, ACM Digital Library, and Citeseer. A set of search query generators is provided to efficiently retrieve relevant citation data and to iteratively refine search results for improved data quality.


  • OCS 1.0 (restricted to Google Scholar; only publication lists for one author or for one venue can be analyzed)
  • OCS 2.0 (currently only for internal use)
  • Google Scholar H-Index calculates the single publication h index (and further metrics) based on Google Scholar

See also Affiliation Analysis

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