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Target-driven Merging of Taxonomies with ATOM

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Raunich, Salvatore; Rahm, Erhard
Target-driven Merging of Taxonomies with ATOM
Information Systems, Vol. 42, June 2014

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The proliferation of ontologies and taxonomies in many domains increasingly demands
the integration of multiple such ontologies. We propose a new taxonomy merging algorithm
called ATOM that, given as input two taxonomies and a match mapping between
them, can generate an integrated taxonomy in a largely automatic manner. The approach
is target-driven, i.e. we merge a source taxonomy into the target taxonomy and
preserve the target ontology as much as possible. In contrast to previous approaches,
ATOM does not aim at fully preserving all input concepts and relationships but strives
to reduce the semantic heterogeneity of the merge results for improved understandability.
ATOM can also exploit advanced match mappings containing is-a relationships in
addition to equivalence relationships between concepts of the input taxonomies. We
evaluate ATOM for real-world scenarios and compare it with a full merge