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Schema and ontology matching with COMA++

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Aumueller, D.; Do, H.H.; Massmann, S.; Rahm, E.
Schema and ontology matching with COMA++
SIGMOD Conference

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We demonstrate the schema and ontology matching tool COMA++. It extends our previous prototype COMA utilizing a composite approach to combine different match algorithms [3]. COMA++ implements significant improvements and offers a comprehensive infrastructure to solve large real-world match problems. It comes with a graphical interface enabling a variety of user interactions. Using a generic data representation, COMA++ uniformly supports schemas and ontologies, e.g. the powerful standard languages W3C XML Schema and OWL. COMA++ includes new approaches for ontology matching, in particular the utilization of shared taxonomies. Furthermore, different match strategies can be applied including various forms of reusing previously determined match results and a so-called fragmentbased match approach which decomposes a large match problem into smaller problems. Finally, COMA++ cannot only be used to solve match problems but also to comparatively evaluate the effectiveness of different match algorithms and strategies.