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PRIMAT: A Toolbox for Fast Privacy-preserving Matching

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Franke, M.; Sehili, Z.; Rahm, E.
PRIMAT: A Toolbox for Fast Privacy-preserving Matching
PVLDB 12(12): 1826-1829

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Privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL) is increasingly demanded in real-world applications, e.g., in the health-care domain, to combine person-related data for data analysis while preserving the privacy of individuals. However, the adoption of PPRL is hampered by the absence of easy-to-use and powerful PPRL tools covering the entire PPRL process. We therefore demonstrate Primat, a flexible and scalable tool that enables the definition and application of tailored PPRL workflows as well as the comparative evaluation of different PPRL methods. We introduce the main requirements for PPRL tools and discuss previous tool efforts that do not fully meet the requirements and have not been applied in practice. By contrast, Primat covers the whole PPRL life-cycle and improves applicability by providing various components for data owners and the central linkage to be executed by a trusted linkage unit.