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Comparison of Schema Matching Evaluations.

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publication iconDo, H.H.; Melnik, S.; Rahm, E.
Comparison of Schema Matching Evaluations.
Proc. GI-Workshop "Web and Databases", Erfurt, Oct. 2002

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Recently, schema matching has found considerable interest in both
research and practice. Determining matching components of database or XML schemas is needed in many applications, e.g. for E-business and data integration. Various schema matching systems have been developed to solve the problem semi-automatically. While there have been some evaluations, the overall effectiveness of currently available automatic schema matching systems is largely unclear. This is because the evaluations were conducted in diverse ways making it difficult to assess the effectiveness of each single system, let alone to compare their effectiveness. In this paper we survey recently published schema matching evaluations. For this purpose, we introduce the major criteria that influence the
effectiveness of a schema matching approach and use these criteria to compare the various systems. Based on our observations, we discuss the requirements for future match implementations and evaluations.