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Top VLDB J. publications per year (1994 - 2003)

Top VLDB Journal publications per year (1994 - 2003)

The following list was generated based on Google Scholar and ACM citation counts in August 2005. For more information see our project on citation analysis.

An Introduction to Spatial Database SystemsRalf Hartmut Güting28051
The TV-Tree: An Index Structure for High-Dimensional DataKing-Ip Lin, H. V. Jagadish, Christos Faloutsos25458
Versioning and Configuration Management in an Object-Oriented Data ModelEdward Sciore539
Qualitative Representation of Spatial Knowledge in Two-Dimensional SpaceDimitris Papadias, Timos K. Sellis5213
The Aditi Deductive Database SystemJayen Vaghani, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, David B. Kemp, Zoltan Somogyi, Peter J. Stuckey, Tim S. Leask, James Harland506
#references top 5720137
#references overall (of 17 papers) splitted by quartils 639 / 141 / 63 / 36879169
Orthogonally Persistent Object SystemsMalcolm P. Atkinson, Ronald Morrison14014
The Power of Languages for the Manipulation of Complex ValuesSerge Abiteboul, Catriel Beeri9310
Realm-Based Spatial Data Types: The ROSE AlgebraRalf Hartmut Güting, Markus Schneider860
TIGUKAT: A Uniform Behavioral Objectbase Management SystemM. Tamer ÿzsu, Randal J. Peters, Duane Szafron, Boman Irani, Anna Lipka, Adriana Muñoz478
Fibonacci: A Programming Language for Object DatabasesAntonio Albano, Giorgio Ghelli, Renzo Orsini4610
#references top 549442
#references overall (of 19 papers) splitted by quartils 366 / 180 / 78 / 1764175
A Predicate-based Caching Scheme for Client-Server Database ArchitecturesArthur M. Keller, Julie Basu14929
Semantic and Schematic Similarities Between Database Objects: A Context-Based ApproachVipul Kashyap, Amit P. Sheth12620
Mariposa: A Wide-Area Distributed Database SystemMichael Stonebraker, Paul M. Aoki, Witold Litwin, Avi Pfeffer, Adam Sah, Jeff Sidell, Carl Staelin, Andrew Yu11829
An Asymptotically Optimal Multiversion B-TreeBruno Becker, Stephan Gschwind, Thomas Ohler, Bernhard Seeger, Peter Widmayer10123
The GMAP: A Versatile Tool for Physical Data IndependenceOdysseas G. Tsatalos, Marvin H. Solomon, Yannis E. Ioannidis5210
#references top 5586111
#references overall (of 18 papers) splitted by quartils 494 / 192 / 48 / 17751144
Parametric Query OptimizationYannis E. Ioannidis, Raymond T. Ng, Kyuseok Shim, Timos K. Sellis492
Heuristic and Randomized Optimization for the Join Ordering ProblemMichael Steinbrunn, Guido Moerkotte, Alfons Kemper408
Structured Document Storage and Refined Declarative and Navigational Access Mechanisms in HyperStorMKlemens Böhm, Karl Aberer, Erich J. Neuhold, Xiaoya Yang378
Data Placement in Shared-Nothing Parallel Database SystemsManish Mehta, David J. DeWitt364
Seeking the Truth About ad hoc Join CostsLaura M. Haas, Michael J. Carey, Miron Livny, Amit Shukla32
#references top 521122
#references overall (of 19 papers) splitted by quartils 162 / 116 / 48 / 1534158
Data Partitioning and Load Balancing in Parallel Disk SystemsPeter Scheuermann, Gerhard Weikum, Peter Zabback464
Scalable Feature Selection, Classification and Signature Generation for Organizing Large Text Databases into Hierarchical Topic TaxonomiesSoumen Chakrabarti, Byron Dom, Rakesh Agrawal, Prabhakar Raghavan3815
Approximate Similarity Retrieval with M-TreesPavel Zezula, Pasquale Savino, Giuseppe Amato, Fausto Rabitti275
Enhanced Abstract Data Types in Object-Relational DatabasesPraveen Seshadri272
Integrated Document Caching and Prefetching in Storage Hierarchies Based on Markov-Chain PredictionsAchim Kraiss, Gerhard Weikum234
#references top 518030
#references overall (of 20 papers) splitted by quartils 161 / 71 / 12 / 124544
OPT++: An Object-Oriented Implementation for Extensible Database Query OptimizationNavin Kabra, David J. DeWitt293
MIL Primitives for Querying a Fragmented WorldPeter A. Boncz, Martin L. Kersten266
The Intrinsic Problems of Structural Heterogeneity and an Approach to Their SolutionTheo Härder, Günter Sauter, Joachim Thomas203
Fast Joins Using Join IndicesZhe Li, Kenneth A. Ross14
Semantic Heterogeneity Resolution in Federated Databases by Metadata Implantation and Stepwise EvolutionGoksel Aslan, Dennis McLeod13
#references top 513912
#references overall (of 8 papers) splitted by quartils 55 / 34 / 22 / 511614
UnQL: A Query Language and Algebra for Semistructured Data Based on Structural RecursionPeter Buneman, Mary F. Fernandez, Dan Suciu7714
Declarative Specification of Web Sites with StrudelMary F. Fernandez, Daniela Florescu, Alon Y. Levy, Dan Suciu6113
Distance-Based Outliers: Algorithms and ApplicationsEdwin M. Knorr, Raymond T. Ng, V. Tucakov487
Analysis of Navigation Behaviour in Web Sites Integrating Multiple Information SystemsBettina Berendt, Myra Spiliopoulou427
Learning Response Time for WebSources Using Query Feedback and Application in Query OptimizationJean-Robert Gruser, Louiqa Raschid, Vladimir Zadorozhny, Tao Zhan315
#references top 529746
#references overall (of 24 papers) splitted by quartils 276 / 75 / 41 / 1040273
A survey of approaches to automatic schema matchingErhard Rahm, Philip A. Bernstein32441
Answering queries using views: A surveyAlon Y. Halevy27838
MiniCon: A scalable algorithm for answering queries using viewsRachel Pottinger, Alon Y. Halevy107
XML-enabled workflow management for e-services across heterogeneous platformsGerman Shegalov, Michael Gillmann, Gerhard Weikum438
ObjectGlobe: Ubiquitous query processing on the InternetReinhard Braumandl, Markus Keidl, Alfons Kemper, Donald Kossmann, Alexander Kreutz, Stefan Seltzsam, Konrad Stocker405
#references top 585392
#references overall (of 23 papers) splitted by quartils 792 / 104 / 47 / 11954135
Efficient filtering of XML documents with XPath expressionsChee Yong Chan, Pascal Felber, Minos N. Garofalakis, Rajeev Rastogi933
TIMBER: A native XML databaseH. V. Jagadish, Shurug Al-Khalifa, Adriane Chapman, Laks V. S. Lakshmanan, Andrew Nierman, Stelios Paparizos, Jignesh M. Patel, Divesh Srivastava, Nuwee Wiwatwattana, Yuqing Wu, Cong Yu6811
Anatomy of a native XML base management systemThorsten Fiebig, Sven Helmer, Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte, Julia Neumann, Robert Schiele, Till Westmann305
An XML query engine for network-bound dataZachary G. Ives, Alon Y. Halevy, Daniel S. Weld246
Searching in metric spaces by spatial approximationGonzalo Navarro215
#references top 528530
#references overall (of 21 papers) splitted by quartils 236 / 40 / 17 / 830136
Aurora: a new model and architecture for data stream managementDaniel J. Abadi, Donald Carney, Ugur ÿetintemel, Mitch Cherniack, Christian Convey, Sangdon Lee, Michael Stonebraker, Nesime Tatbul, Stanley B. Zdonik664
Incremental computation and maintenance of temporal aggregatesJun Yang, Jennifer Widom462
Business-to-business interactions: issues and enabling technologiesBrahim Medjahed, Boualem Benatallah, Athman Bouguettaya, Anne H. H. Ngu, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid385
Composing Web services on the Semantic WebBrahim Medjahed, Athman Bouguettaya, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid355
Learning to match ontologies on the Semantic WebAnHai Doan, Jayant Madhavan, Robin Dhamankar, Pedro Domingos, Alon Y. Halevy26
#references top 524216
#references overall (of 21 papers) splitted by quartils 211 / 58 / 20 / 028925