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XMach-1: A Benchmark for XML Data Management.


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Böhme, T.; Rahm, E.
XMach-1: A Benchmark for XML Data Management.
Proc. of BTW01 (Datenbanksysteme für Büro, Technik und Wissenschaft), Oldenburg, March 2001. Springer-Verlag


We propose a scaleable multi-user benchmark called XMach-1 (XML Data Management benchmark) for evaluating the performance of XML data management systems. It is based on a web application and considers different types of XML data, in particular text documents, schema-less data and structured data. We specify the structure of the benchmark database and the generation of its contents. Furthermore, we define a mix of XML queries and update opera-tions for which system performance is determined. The primary performance metric, Xqps, measures the query throughput of a system under response time constraints. We will use XMach-1 to evaluate both native XML data management systems and XML-enabled relational DBMS.