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Dedoop: Efficient Deduplication with Hadoop


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Kolb, L.; Thor, A.; Rahm, E.
Dedoop: Efficient Deduplication with Hadoop
Proc. 38th Intl. Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB) / Proc. of the VLDB Endowment 5(12), 2012


We demonstrate a powerful and easy-to-use tool called Dedoop (Deduplication with Hadoop) for MapReduce-based entity resolution (ER) of large datasets. Dedoop supports a browser-based specification of complex ER workflows including blocking and matching steps as well as the optional use of machine learning for the automatic generation of match classifiers. Specified workflows are automatically translated into MapReduce jobs for parallel execution on different Hadoop clusters. To achieve high performance Dedoop supports several advanced load balancing strategies.

Please visit our project website for further informations about Dedoop.



  • MapReduce, Hadoop
  • Entity Resolution, Object matching, Similarity Join, Pair-wise comparison
  • Clustering, Blocking
  • Overlapping Clusters, Redundant-free comparisons
  • Data Skew, Load Balancing


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